Complete Coast Properties | About us

Complete Coast Properties was launched in 2005 as a company specifically designed to assist and serve clients with all their property needs, from architectural planning and advice to budgeting, buying and selling of residential homes and investment properties. The heart of the company is one driven by a passion to see success for all its clients and agents alike. Our property professionals are expected to successfully guide each client through knowledge and area expertise, as well as establish long term relationship through trust.


Residential Property Agents offer professional hands on service to our Clients. As agents who live and specialise in our specific areas, we can offer up to the minute property news and movements. We stay well abreast of the market and buying/selling trends at all times. We’re available to assist on a management level by arranging repairs and maintenance, as well as walk through the tenant process with both Lessor and Lessee.

We are members of: IEASA (Institute of Estate Agents); EAAB (Estate Agency Affairs Board); REBOSA