The VALUE in regularly assessing your biggest Asset! | General

Property worth constantly changes due to factors such as property climates, economic conditions and like business values, property values fluctuate.  Depending on where you live, the prices can be better than other areas or you could be situated in an area that is not fairing too well in terms of property growth.  Constantly re-evaluating the area in which your asset resides is critical to keep abreast with changing market trends and demands and continuously re-looking your investment base.

A Property Value Assessment done by an accredited Area Specialist will provide comparative property values benchmarking to your own and will provide facts so you can assess whether it is a good time to consider putting your property on the market.  

Apart from the above, it is also critical to value your property annually to re-assess your insurance policies and ensure you are covered correctly for your biggest asset.  

Market approach is used for residential properties: this approach will look at the market value of the property. This is done by first ascertaining how much a property similar to yours is worth and also how much buyers are willing to pay for such a property.

In closing, some advantages of receiving regular Property Value Assessments include:

• Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your property.

• Establishing ways in which to you could improve your property.

• To provide you with a list of comparative homes for sale.

• To conclude the value of your home in monetary terms.

• To advise you on whether to sell now or wait.

One you have the valuation of your property; you will be able to make an informed decision whether to renovate or put your property on the market.  

Our accredited team are experienced to provide complimentary Property Value Assessments and include a full report on the relevant area property statistics, to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your property’s growth prospects and value.

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